BRC National Championships

Dressage The Championships include a wide range of dressage classes ranging from prelim right the way up to Advanced Medium. Riding Test The riding test is similar to a dressage test, but marks are awarded according to the rider’s performance (effectiveness and presentation of the test), and the horse’s paces are not considered. This competition … Read more

BRC Horse Trials Championship

The BRC NAF Five Star National Horse Trials Championships is a competition for both seniors and juniors, teams and individuals. The event consists of dressage, show jumping and cross country phases as well as roads and tracks and steeplechase for selected classes (please see below for which classes this applies to). There are seven classes for members to … Read more

BRC Festival of the Horse

Challenge (Show-cross) This competition is designed to be a test of a horse and rider’s ability to negotiate a show jumping course together with a cross-country course. The challenge consists of 7 to 10 show jumps, followed by 15 to 25 cross-country efforts. There are six challenge classes for both individuals and teams: Senior 100 … Read more