As a member of Harewood you can be selected, or put yourself forward, to represent us at Area 4 competitions, and subsequent national championships.  Participating in teams is a really fun element of the riding club, with great camaraderie.  If you would like to take part but don’t feel ready to ride on teams you can participate by helping on the ground which is a great way to see what happens and meet people. 

Our team manager is Toni Tait.

In order to qualify to ride on teams certain criteria must be met:

  1. You must check that you are eligible to ride at the level you wish to compete.  The rules are set out in the BRC handbook; the PDF  can be viewed on the BRC website.
  2. Your horse’s passport must be valid with microchip number visible.
  3. Your horse’s vaccinations must be up to date and the dates from the first vaccination must be submitted to Toni for checking.   No vaccinations may be given in the 7 days prior to any area competition.
  4. You must have up to date safety equipment and hats must have the appropriate BRC or PC tag.
  5. You and your horse must be fit and capable of riding at the level you wish to compete at, and this must be verified by the club coaches either by being observed in lessons, team selections, camp, or your competition record.